Audrey Ray Daniel

Producer, Director


Audrey BestPortrait 2013

Audrey Daniel Director

Producer, Director Audrey Ray Daniel continues to create short documentaries which capture the essence of the spirited lives of elders. Primarily focused on artists  she continually challenges herself to expand her lyrical story telling style.  One of her mentors shared a quote by Gertrude Stein that she has focused her vision: ” If it can be done why do it.”

Currently in production on “Quarter of an Inch”. A short documentary about a 90 year old Japanese American, Jim Mizuki an almond farmer in the Central Valley. The world’s largest producers of Almonds. The film begins with the planting of a new orchard and goes through the four seasons and the final harvest and processing. Jim also (replace this word) shares his story as young man in the internment camp in Poston, Arizona and his experience afterwards as a Japanese interpreter for war criminals in Japan after WW2.